Trail Journal

Here's a list of my most memorable hiking and backpacking adventures, including trip details, downloadable KML files, gear lists, videos and images from along the trail.  Larger thru hikes and section hikes in some cases are grouped together for easier viewing.


The Black Canyon Trail

Dates:  Ongoing
Mileage:  77.0 out of 77.0 (100% complete)

The Black Canyon Trail is a prehistoric Arizona Native American trail that travels from the northern edge of Phoenix and along the base of the Bradshaw Mountains to its northern terminus in the Prescott National Forest.


The Arizona Trail

Dates:  Ongoing
Mileage to date:  185 out of 800 (23% complete)

The Arizona Trail is an 800 mile journey north/south through the heart of the state of Arizona from the Mexico to Utah.  Winding through low deserts to high forests, this trail truly showcases the diversity of the entire state's biomes and geologic features.


The John Muir Trail

Dates:  Summer 2015-2017
Mileage:  210.4 out of 210.4 (100% complete)

Considered one of the most scenic hikes in the United States and in the world, the John Muir Trail is a continuous path from Yosemite National Park to the summit of Mt. Whitney through mostly alpine wilderness.